“Training good people, to be bad victims”

The Guardian Firearms Academy is training based in the
use of firearms for defensive purposes.

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A message from your instructor

One of my true joys in life has been my time spent on a gun range. First with my father as he taught me the respect that all firearms require and how to correctly practice, then as a great way to meet some of the best people in the world, “shooters”. I have made some lifetime friends from attending responsible firearm shooting schools and competitions.

It is my hope that you will attend a class, and see for yourself that a day of organized firearms training is better than a day of reading gun magazines and contemplating what you would do if your life is placed in jeopardy.

“Better to spend two days in training preparing for something that may never happen, than two seconds in a situation with no skills to handle it.”

Let me give you the shooting skills and thought process needed to defend yourself and home from those who would plan to harm you or yours. My classes are small in participant size, so that each student gets the proper instruction time needed.

Please review the classes’ page and descriptions. If you have any questions, please contact me by phone or email.

“See you on the range”

Jerrod E. Baugh